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New Site Design

June 14, 2015 marks the official launch of a completely redesigned Hitchcock Blonde web site. We hope you like it.

Old News

Here are a few golden nuggets from the Hitchcock Blonde news archive, circa 2004/5:

It's funny what a Google search can come up with. Looks like we were nominated for best Electronica Duo/Group back at the 2002 Wammies (Washington (DC) Area Music Awards). Thanks for telling us, guys!

Fellow H-Blondian and lead engineer for C&C Studios, Eamon Loftus, along with studio owner Brad Ryan, garnered some good press over at Mix Magazine for their work with Fat Joe. Congratulations, guys! Check it out!

Check out Compromised, our musical contribution to the opening title credits of the local independent film, Evenfall.

Feelin' the Love

Some kind words for our music:

Electronic noir lightens up in the hands of Hitchcock Blonde. Their world music inspired sound is equally indebted to the sunshiny grooves of Jack Johnson. These mysterious strangers will have you singing in the shower. --Editor's Review, Download.com.

Electronic pop music with a touch of Pink Floyd, a little Sly and the Family Stone, a bit of Bowie, some Collective Soul and traces of Roxy Music thrown in as well...I'm sure it will be a hit with the groove oriented dance crowd. Very cool cover of Lou Reed's "Satellite Of Love". --Ear Candy Magazine

Electronic pop that boasts alternative rock guitars and lofty hooks, Soul Button by Washington DC area band Hitchcock Blonde is a thrifty listen rarely wasting a note or verse. Featuring Kowtow Popof, whom Smother has featured prior, the band eagerly delivers addictive riffs and fun upbeat tempos. The percussive elements are very earthy and feel close to world music. Good stuff. --Smother Magazine.

Faultless!!! Music for the 21st Century...this just groooooves man... --sputnik2, Garageband.com

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping our families, friends and fans have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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